"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson

Sarah Blakely

lullabye, for crazy bastards and gypsy rogues...

there fly, small
spells spinning the
air over carcass
scent and firelight.

passages softly lit,
from somewhere
beneath our souls,
in sleepy flicker.

i reached through
chaos, granted a wish
for calm'd love,
a peaceful doorway.

this magic curl
upon parchment,
resting these tired
running minds, hums.

lullabye, babymine,
in your bloody
ear, to soothe
a monstor still.

big sky stretching
canvas, bent for
morning brillance,
a patient coax.

bodies elegantly naked,
for the mark of
rolling laughter,
down secluded hill.

intimate buzz,
sailing for exotic,
wearing electric coats
of foreign colour

sweet detour, down
backroad freedom.
hold my hand, with
sunlight on our backs

crafting moments,
guitar slung over
shoulder, tipsy
songs sung bright.

smack of winged
things huge, our kind
of holy, drawing
circles on evening.

spider following,
paisley brocade from
his gentle limbs,
wraps the silence.

draped silken, candy
apple air leads
to a carnival nestled
beyond the forest.

blue & gold spinning
lights, happy
jack in the box
ping ringing surprise.

walk the wind at
your heels, follow
me, climb the trees
over the carousel.

we throw copper
over ferris wheel,
hit and miss, wishes
for wooden swings.

its warm here,
in afterglow of
youthful energy. it's
enough to remember.

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Diana Rose said...

I post tons of pictures like this on my Tumblr page.. vivid.. beautiful