"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson

Submission Guidelines

So, ya wanna consort with the underbelly? We'd love to hear what ya've got to say. Follow the simple guidelines below, & we'll get along just fine.

1. Here there be honor among thieves. Submit only original work. Previously published works are fine by us, just let us know where they showed up first so we can apply the proper street credit points. Simultaneous submissions are okay too. Contributors retain all rights to the works submitted and/or published.

2. Quality beats quantity every time. Although we'd love to read everything you've ever written, we just don't have time for all that. There's beers to drink, fights to start, & loose women to chase around town. Send us 3-5 poems, or a couple pieces of short fiction, & we'll be happy to have drinks with ya after we read 'em.

3. We like all the words in the American language, not just the ones Walt Disney approves of. If you have any questions about whether yr poem fits our magazine, read the epigraph under the masthead. It pretty much sums up our attitudes on art as well as life.

4. You wouldn't ask yr dealer where he got that good blow from now, would ya? At PQ we love yr words, & that's enough. If you feel it necessary to send us a bio & a laundry list of yr previous publications, thanx. Just don't expect us to publish said information. We'd rather ya spend yr creative energy writing poems & stories than fancy third-person sound bites about yrself.

5. If the phone don't get answered, we're not at home. Our editors are busy people, we'll get to ya eventually. Contacting us at our personal hang-outs will not get ya any results. Send all submissions, & other inquiries, to paraphernaliaquarterly@gmail.com. We'll get back with ya. We prefer for ya to paste yr work into the body of an email, but if ya've got some funky formatting, or images, an attachment is okay. Use yr head & it'll all work out right.

And that's about it folks. No rocket science here, just good solid tales from the dark American night. Send us yrs, we'd love to read 'em.

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