"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson

Fake Dada

i told 'em i dropped it

legend has it, that i might have got drunk the night before. this claim
has yet to be verified.

due to a mood that may or may not be associated with dancing at top
speed with bottom rung spirits, some shit may or may not have

the man in charge barked
to do this & to do that
so i did just that

but while doin' that
i could hear him in my head
sayin' stupid shit

but then i realized
that he wasn't in my head
standin' next to me


he's tellin' me to do this & that with the little hand-held scanner we
used to check product in. the instructions were shit i knew all too
well, & the product in question was not my responsibility.

all of this in combination seemed to be a little much for me at that
particular moment in time.

within 20 seconds of him turnin' the corner, to go back to his desk, i
had smashed the lcd screen of said hand-held scanner against the
corner of a wooden pallet.

the rest is history.

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