"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson

Diana Rose

Karma is a Bitch Named Alice

She is the shapeshifter in the black of night,
lurks in the shadows
three steps behind

She was there ...
in the corner of your nightmare
feasting on rotting flesh
from your skeleton frame
it went well with that Chianti
watching as you packed the pipe
watching time float through your fingertips
she forced you to look in the mirror
Escape ..
you cant hide from Alice.

She sat next to you as you crushed pills on the dash
was on top of the dumpster
as you heated the broken light bulb
the light of day
was just a memory
you tried to forget.

She helped you rehearse every lie you told
never able to look her in the eye
Love is a four letter word for pussies and saints
and that church of all that is holy burned to
the ground
from your last rolled cigarette
butts you picked from the gutter
she helped you find.

Karma is a bitch , Go ask Alice she'll settle the score.
She lives in this purgatory
near the corner of 5th st
she sold you that one way ticket to nowhere

and is waiting for the ride to stop..
Waiting for it to all fall down.
And no one will be laughing then
Karma is a bitch named Alice
She has your number

she's dialing.. don't answer.

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The Emotional Orphan said...

If you answer her call, you might as well hang it up... Nice work Diana...

Diana Rose said...

thanks Jack...we write well under the angst blanket...