"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson

notes from the dealer

Well, it happened. The January 1st deadline came, and went. Then came the Jan. 15 deadline, and the Feb.1, Feb 15, and March 1. Who ever knew a dope man that showed up on time anyway. The snow's still melting & no 'shrooms are sprouting, so we're still calling this the winter issue.

Two words: Catfish McDaris. You'll find him popping up here & there throughout this issue. Consider that a warning. Catfish is one bad motherfucker, watch out for that poolstick. You can catch him over at his joint Catfish Gringo River where he's got a little pod of miscreants committing all manner of indiscretions. He has a chapbook Making Love to the Rain available on Propaganda Press.

Our cover art this time around is by Josh "Moses" Griffin. Josh is a longtime hombre of the staff here at Paraphernalia. He's just completed a grand tour of the finer correctional facilities in the great state of Mississippi, and our cover "Possum Head Man" is his first completed piece since his recent release. We're proud to feature him on the cover, and damn glad to welcome him back to the world.

The next couple months are gonna be busy ones here at PQ. With the completion of issue #4 we'll be looking into the logistics of printing an anthology of the filth we've brought you here over the interwebs. We'll also be starting our Broadside Blasphemy project, with the intent of littering up light poles & bathroom stalls near you with broadside presentions of the best from past issues. We'll be keeping the cooler stocked and the bowls packed, & hoping the same for you. Enjoy issue #3, and we'll holler at ya when there's something to holler about.

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