"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson


to break the monotony
i put my fist through that window
tried to wake myself up
to the music of broken glass

sure i had the money
but i walked out of the store
didn't spend a dime
stuffed all i could in my pocket

i walked alone down that alley
i slept in that cemetary

i set myself on fire
just to hear my own scream
i stop dropped and rolled
and then i was bored

i held hands with the devil
first and second base
he put his hand down my shirt
our forked tongues locked

he was a gentleman
i sneezed he said "god bless you"
he opened the car door

though it was hot
soon i was bored

i kicked him out of bed
walked under the bridge
looking for trolls
i overturned every stone
and yelled hey boogieman
come out and play

that guy has no imagination
turned out he was dull
always dinner and a movie
every single boring date
i said, "aw man, come on
i've already seen that one"

tonight, something different
is this true, do i like it rough?
maybe i should call that other guy
what's his name again?
can't call this one on the phone

if i get down on my knees
maybe he'll pick up
no boring night on the town
i'll beg and i'll plead
his voice will boom
maybe he'll pee on me
and then give me a fat lip

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Frankie Metro said...

he even said "God bless you."...ha!

Murphy Clamrod said...

drugs. my anti-boredom