"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson

Dan Kellet


You smart little stupid fuckers.

I mean, we have ourselves to blame but damn, we gave you SO many tools and you found every way to fuck it up.

We even gave you a 3% DNA advantage over the chimpanzee!

And so you know, we are by a large margin way more impressed with what they've achieved. The whole 'not seeking world domination thing' is admirable.

We gave you the desperation trait so you'd invent a god, we even wired in a faith based program so you'd believe it. And in what brilliant ways did you come up with to use that? You used it to bleed each other. You used it to fill your pockets with that paper shit you print and you used it to remove yourselves as responsible.

You smart little stupid fuckers.

We gave you that cute little apposing thumb thing, mostly so you could feed yourselves, but you chose also to build bombs and bullets and boundaries.

We gave you that big 'ol brain and you used it to create unsustainable wants, to create an unimaginable appetite for poisons and as a means to general pestilence.

You used it to drag your dirty, industrializing, capitalistic asses to places you were never meant to be while taking things that were never meant to be yours.

You smart little stupid fuckers.

This experiment is over....

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